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About Caspian Arts

Caspian Arts was formed in 2010 as part of the State of Craft project, an extensive research project undertaken by the Vermont Crafts Council. The statewide project culminated in a summer filled with craft celebrations around the state, including an exhibit of local art and craft at the historic Miller’s Thumb building in Greensboro.

It became apparently that the hills surrounding Caspian Lake are brimming with talented and creative people. The experience of working together that first year forged strong bonds between the participating artists and highlighted the need for an organization that could support local artists, help with marketing and promotion, provide networking opportunities and establish the Caspian Lake area as an art destination.   

Thus was Caspian Arts born! Our membership ranges from 20 to 25 members who live and work in Hardwick, Greensboro, Craftsbury, Glover and South Albany.

In 2012, Caspian Arts premiered an event that aligns the organization with the statewide “buy local” initiative. It had become increasingly apparent that local residents were relatively unaware of the talent and creativity of the artists in the area, so the CA annual Studio Tour is held at the peak of the summer season with the intention of introducing local artists to both year round and summer residents.

The Caspian Arts Studio Tour has become a resounding success, providing entertainment and education to scores of visitors each summer. The tour ends with a gala Tour's End Party which features a drawing of $100 Gift Certificates given to three lucky winners. In 2018, the Caspian Arts Studio Tour will be held on Sunday, July 22 from 11 - 5 so be sure to save the date!

Caspian Arts members are a very diverse group.We range from painters to potters, jewelers, basket makers and carvers. Although our raw materials and techniques are different, we all aspire to create work that speaks to the viewer and expresses our vision with strength and clarity.

As you peruse these pages, you will meet interesting people. One of our members, Betsy Day, not only teaches the ancient art of weaving, but offers tours of an intact 1790 settlement and a Pioneer Day Camp for children in the summer.

Judy Dales, is a world famous fiber artist whose work is owned by multinational corporations, three museums and the prestigious White House Craft Collection, but here her work adorns the local church and many of her neighbor's homes.

Kathy Stark is a painter whose work is often exhibited in New York City, and Liz Nelson's adventurous spirit takes her to exotic locations to paint and experience the local culture as an artist in residence.

Vanessa Compton is a collage artist who teaches rock climbing and runs a gallery when she is not working in her studio.

Louise Arnold is one of our summer residents who takes the opportunity to capture the charms of Vermont's Northeast Kingdom in oils while she is with us.

Caspian Arts continues to add new members like Hugo Mesa, who is a nationally-known wood carver. Visiting Hugo's Craftsbury studio is a delight. As you watch him carve and listen to him talk about his work, it is obvious that he loves wood. A lifetime of carving has enabled him to establish a creative relationship with each piece that he carves.

Another new member, Ezra Ranz-Schleifer uses both painting and drawing to produce his extremely large images which he intends to be interesting and impactful.

Karen Gowan creates unique fine art imagery, captured with her camera on treks through the Northeast Kingdom. This is just a sampling of the talented artists in our group. Please visit the Members page to see their work and learn more about Caspian Arts.

"Creative Confluence"

The Premier Exhibit

at the new Greensboro Theater

Highland Center for the Arts

from May until July 2017 was a rousing success. The artist reception was standing room only, but theater goers and those stopping by for a bite to eat at The Hardwick Street Café enjoyed the artworks throughout the early summer months. Caspian Arts members were honored to have the very first exhibit in the beautiful art center and are grateful to Vanessa Compton and Anna Weisenfeld, the curators for the show, for making our work look

so great!!

The exhibit showcased the diverse materials and techniques employed by the member artists, including paintings, weavings, art quilts, jewelry, pottery, sculpture, paper collage, photography and woodworking.

We had a large gathering at the opening, and everyone enjoyed seeing this beautiful new space, meeting the artists and, of course, taking photographs!!

In the past, we have had exhibits in The Whitewater Gallery in East Hardwick, The Gruppe Gallery in Jericho and many local venues including the yellow barn in East Craftsbury. Plans are being made for next year's exhibits plus a Pop-up gallery, so keep up with our activities by visiting our website often!!

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