The list of artists participating in the 2019 Studio Tour
will be available in May or June 2019

Participating Artists 2018
1. Hugo Mesa (wood carving) 673 West Hill Rd, Craftsbury
2. Jerry Ralya (pastels) 7909 Rt 14, Craftsbury Common
3. Lulu Wootton (painting, relief prints) 1324 Town Line Rd, Craftsbury Common
3. Will Wootton (sculpture)
1324 Town Line Rd, Craftsbury Common
4. Chris Jacobs (live-edge wood mirrors) 144/145 South Pitkin Rd, Albany
5. Kathy Stark (painting, encaustic) 2102 South Albany Rd, Craftsbury
5. Elizabeth Nelson (painting, prints) 2102 South Albany Rd, Craftsbury
5. Marie LaPré Grabon (painting, collage) 2102 South Albany Rd, Craftsbury
6.  Betsy Day (weaving)  765 Parker Rd, West Glover
6. Ellie Nina Roberts (jewelry) 765 Parker Rd. West glover
7. Diana Griffiths (baskets) Yellow Barn, 2062 E. Craftsbury Rd, E
7. Paul Evelti (painting), Yellow Barn, 2062 E Craftsbury Rd, E Craftsbury
8. Judy B. Dales (art quilts) 2254 Craftsbury Rd, Greensboro
8. Sharon Scelza (jewelry) 2254 Craftsbury Rd, Greensboro
9. B.J. Gray (over the door boards) 1199 Craftsbury Rd, Greensboro
10. Ezra Ranz-Schleifer (drawing, painting)
83 Breezy Ave, Greensboro
11. Louise Arnold (painting) 267 Breezy Ave, Greensboro
12. Karen Gowen (photography) 261 Country Club Rd, Greensboro
13. Jennifer Ranz (ceramics, jewelry, watercolors), Greensboro Barn, 491 Country Club Rd, Greensboro
14. Alexandra Bottinelli (sculpture, painting)
83 Winter St, Hardwick
15. Nancy Schade (sculpture, painting) 1618 Bunker Hill Rd, Hardwick
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