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The Northeast Kingdom of Vermont is a special place, as anyone who has visited can tell you, and the people are as unique as the landscape. The artists who live and work here reflect all this and more. They feel a strong connection to the earth, enjoy their close proximity to wildlife, and relish the challenging weather. Their creativity is fueled by being surrounded by beauty and nurtured by peace and quiet. A sense of place informs the art and the results reflect the uniqueness of both the people and the place.

Caspian Arts is an organization of artists from the area surrounding Caspian Lake in Greensboro, Vermont. Members of Caspian Arts aim to support each other and encourage creative endeavors, market and promote their work, and join with others in the area to create a lively and enticing art scene.

Caspian Arts members are diverse, ranging from seasoned professionals to those who are at the beginning of their careers. The sparseness of population in the NEK and the peacefulness that nurtures an artist's soul has the adverse effect of making it difficult for an artist to connect with potential customers. Caspian Arts aims to help. Artist networking is encouraged and experienced members generously share their expertise and knowledge with emerging artists.

Caspian Arts has chosen to ignore the ever-raging controversy between art and craft. It's members include painters,sculptors, photographers, fiber artists, and multi-media artists as well as those who work in wood, metal, clay, paper and other traditional craft media. Arguing about what is art and how craft differs from art simply distracts one's focus from the primary goal which is moving along one's personal creative path and producing the best work possible.

Please visit the individual artist's pages to experience the quality and diversity of work produced by Caspian Arts members. You will discover that the hills of the Northeast Kingdom are alive with talent. Travel our scenic dirt roads to visit the artists' studios, or visit with them here on these pages or by linking to their individual websites. Your interest is most welcome and we look forward to your visit.

Visit our Event page to check out several exciting events planned for the summer of 2019. We are delighted to announce that Rusty Dewees will make a celebrity appearance at our Gallery Opening Reception of July 25th!

Caspian Arts Mission Statement

Caspian Arts shall seek to serve as an advertising and marketing tool for artists in the Greensboro area, to promote the area as an artistic center, and to provide networking, educational and exhibition opportunities for its members.

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