Caspian Arts is comprised of artists who live in the general area of Caspian Lake in Greensboro, Vermont. We are painters, weavers, jewelery makers, sculptors, potters, textile and wood artists, and galleries where local works are shown.


Landscape Painting in Oils

Vanessa Compton
Krinshaw Studios

Ruby Charuby Weavings

Elizabeth Nelson Studio:
Landscape Painting

Greensboro Barn Gallery

Michael Roosevelt
Roosevelt Fine Art LLC

Fine Art Studio

Designer Jewelry


Judy B. Dales' Quilt Art

Handmade Baskets

Functional and Sculptural Ceramics

Osborn Photo Gallery

Schade Studio

Gold and Silver Jewelry

Betsy Day

Paintings and Drawings

Watercolors and Linoleum Block Prints

You can pick up information about Caspian Arts at 

Fine art and crafts made in Vermont

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