"Creative Confluence"
The Premier Exhibit 
at the new Greensboro Theater
Highland Center for the Arts
from May until July 2017 was a rousing success. The artist reception was standing room only, but theatre goers and those stopping by for a bite to eat at The Hardwick Street Café enjoyed the artworks throughout the early summer months. Caspian Arts members were honored to have the very first exhibit in the beautiful art center and are grateful to Vanessa Compton and Anna Weisenfeld, the curators for the show, for making our work look so great!!

The exhibit showcased the diverse materials and techniques employed by the member artists, including paintings, weavings, art quilts, jewelry, pottery, sculpture, paper collage, photography and woodworking.


Seventh Annual 
Caspian Arts Studio Tour
Our annual Studio Tour was held on July 22 this year and was a
 day of exploration, fun and education for both the artists and visitors!

Those who visited the studios had an opportunity to see the creative life up close and personal: the work space, the tools used, the source of inspiration and how the art progresses from raw material to finished piece. Artists are always happy to talk about the work and answer questions, and feel honored by your interest. Thanks for visiting. Next year's Tour will be on July 22, 2018.
Save the date!!

 Enjoy a day of discovery
Take home an enticing piece of art or craft!

Each year,Caspian Arts offers the chance for visitors to win one of three $100 Studio Gift Certificates. Visitors collect a ticket at each studio they visit, and the ticket is entered in the drawing at the
Tour's End Party
Caspian Arts president, Judy Dales, congratulate this year's winners: Frank Baker and sisters Felicity and Elena. We hope they had fun spending their certificates.

Every one enjoyed the food and good conversation at the party!

Meanwhile, the map and list of artists from 2017 will give you a peek at this popular event:
2017 Caspian Arts Tour Map

List of 2017 Artist on the Tour

1. Nancy Schade (sculpture, prints), 1618 Bunker Hill Rd, Hardwick
2. Marie LaPré Grabon (painting, collage), 1873 Bunker Hill Rd, Hardwick
3. Vanessa Compton (collage, clothing), 102 Cook Hill Rd, Greensboro
4. Jennifer Ranz (ceramics, porcelain jewelry, watercolors), Greensboro Barn,
    491 Country Club Rd, Greensboro
5. Karen Gowen (photography), 261 Country Club Rd, Greensboro
6. Louise Arnold (painting), 267 Breezy Ave, Greensboro
7. Ezra Ranz-Schleifer (drawing, painting), 83 Breezy Ave, Greensboro
8. Diana Griffiths (baskets), The People Barn, 518 Lauredon Way, Greensboro
8. George Hemmens (ceramics), The People Barn, 518 Lauredon Way, Greensboro
9. B.J. Gray (over the door boards), 1199 Craftsbury Rd, Greensboro
10. Judy B. Dales (art quilts), 2254 Craftsbury Rd, Greensboro
10. Sharon Scelza (jewelry), 2254 Craftsbury Rd, Greensboro
11. Hugo Mesa (architectural artwork), 673 West Hill Rd, Craftsbury
12. Kathy Stark (mixed media, encaustic), 2102 South Albany Rd, Craftsbury
12. Elizabeth Nelson (landscape painting),  2102 South Albany Rd, Craftsbury
12. Marion Stegner (jewelry), 2102 South Albany Rd, Craftsbury
13. Elinor Osborn (photography), 1286 Lost Nation Rd. Craftsbury
14.  Betsy Day (weaving), 765 Parker Rd, West Glover


Join us on July 22, 2018 for a fun day of exploring, learning and fun!


A Little Information About Caspian Arts

Caspian Arts exists to support and promote the artists and craftspeople who live and work in the area aroun Caspian Lake. It is our goal to introduce the public to the surprisingly diverse artists in the area. Visitors will discover interesting personalities and amazing creativity hidden in plain view in main street studios, housed in barns, both large and small, or tucked away at the end of an intriguing driveway or a charming country lane. 


Several Caspian Arts members exhibit and sell their work in New York City galleries, but you can visit their studios and shop locally. A drive down a shaded dirt road will bring you to a weaver who not only teaches the ancient art of weaving, but offers tours of an intact 1790 settlement and a Pioneer Day Camp for children in the summer. Discover mirrors with frames that preserve and highlight the special character of local wood, photographs featuring Northeast Kingdom iconic scenery, a world famous quilt artist, and a jeweler whose work is only available at private showings and select local galleries. 

This is a unique opportunity to savor the talent that dwells among us!

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